Hacksaw Ridge (CMPS) - Custom Cover

Hacksaw Ridge was a movie that had interested me ever since it was announced. You had a great, inspirational and true story about Desmond Doss (who single-handedly saved over 70 troops without even touching a weapon!), a fantastic director with Mel Gibson (Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto)and a great actor with Andrew Garfield! What's not to like?

Answer? Nothing! This film is simply great, in almost every aspect. Directing, acting, cinematography and of course the music composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams (Wonder Woman, The Crown, and any recent Happy Madison production...). I did something with this score that I don't usually do with others.... Listening to it before seeing the film! I had recently seen The Legend of Tarzan (Also composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams), and while I thought the film was just OK, the score really stood out to me (In a good way). So when I saw his name attached to Hacksaw Ridge, I was immediately intrigued and decided to dive head first with the score. While I do think this score works just fine as a stand-alone listen (albeit a little repetitive), it works best within the context of the film. Gregson-Williams manages to perfectly reflect the emotion of the film at any given point, ranging from a sweet melody, to a hard hitting action cue whenever needed. If you haven't listened to this score (or seen the film), give it a chance!

Now obviously there is no official, complete release of this score; which means I had to create a cover for the set (I can't stand having my audio without cover art). So I looked up the marketing for the film and found this great poster (as well as the original key art)!

After digging through the source code for the films official website, i found that the font family used in the marketing was Franklin Gothic. I noticed however that I prefered the Title Treatment from the main one-sheet poster (also used for the official OST), rather than the poster I used for this cover. So I recreated the original title treatment and used that instead.

Title Treatment Re-creation
I may revisit this score and create some more custom covers, but I'm happy with this for now. Enjoy!


  1. I'm sorry, I wondered if you could share with me the EAC rip of 101 Dalmatians not present on FFshrine anymore. Thank you so much, I you have some request, just ask me, if I own it, I'd be glad to share with you


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